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Is Dragon’s Blood Incense Safe For Cats?

Understanding the Risks and Keeping Your Feline Friends Safe

Every loving and caring cat parents want their beloved pet to stay safe. Naturally, we share a lot of qualities and physical features with our pets, but some things that appeal to us may severely hurt our pets in many ways.

Incense is a typical example of a human-friendly item that threatens feline health. While incense fulfills human spiritual needs, it could quickly turn cats’ lives miserable. Obviously, cats shouldn’t prevent us from carrying out spiritual exercises. But, we should also not shorten the lives of our cats by fulfilling our commitments.

Dragon’s blood incense brings a lot of spiritual and positive energy into our environments, but cats don’t see them that way. As a matter of fact, it could kill our cats, if proper care is not taken.

This article provides a detailed answer to some of the many questions you may have about your cats and how dragon incense could affect their health.

What Is A Dragon’s Blood Incense?

Before we talk about how dragon’s blood incense may affect cats, let’s take a minute or two to understand where it comes from and where it’s made.
Dragon’s blood incense is made from dragon’s blood resin.

While you may be familiar with its spiritual use, you may be surprised at how it occurs naturally in the wild. It’s a solid matter that flows out of various species of trees. For example, dragon’s blood resins have been collected from trees like Daemonorops, Dracaena draco, Pterocarpus, croton, Etc. Most of these trees are found in regions with warmer weather conditions.

The chemical composition of the dragon’s blood resins could vary from one another depending on the species and genera of the tree it’s taken from. Dragon’s blood incense takes its chemical qualities from the compounds that make up the resin used in producing it.

According to research-gates, most dragon’s blood resins contain chains of carbon compounds that combine into giant aromatic chains of carbon compounds. And interestingly, the compounds are similar in resins found in different locations worldwide.

Some of these compounds have medicinal properties for humans. The benzoic acid, for example, present in the resin obtained from Dracaena draco, offers health benefits to humans. That’s why they are used extensively in spiritual functions and ceremonies.

However, while dragon’s blood incense offers immense physical and spiritual benefits to humans, it is often a different experience with your cats.

Is Dragon’s Blood Incense Safe For Cats?

The answer to these questions depends on the type and composition of Dragon’s blood incense you use. Dragon’s blood resin does not contain any naturally occurring toxins in its composition.

The only downside is that most Dragon’s blood incense used for spiritual cleansing and ceremonies comes with several other added contents such as essential oil, lavender, tree scents, Wood Scents, spice sents, etc.

Each ingredient adds chemical content that’s released into the atmosphere when the incense is burnt. Apart from that, Dragon’s blood incense releases a special aroma into the environment due to the presence of aromatic compounds present in its makeup.

You’ll be surprised that within minutes of burning the dragon’s blood’s incense, your cats could come under intense discomfort. Cats have millions of sensory neurons that give them the ability to detect the faintest smell in their environment.

Burning Dragon’s Blood incense in a home with cats is almost a punishment for your pets due to the intense smell and aroma it would release into the atmosphere.

Besides the aroma, the large carbon content of Dragon’s blood incense is converted into dense smoke that enters into the atmosphere and could affect your cat’s respiratory system.

Humans can withstand a high intake of carbon compounds. However, animals with smaller body frames have a lower tolerance. If you’re wondering whether dragon’s blood incense is safe for cats the answer is no.

How Dragon’s Blood Incense May Affect Cats?

Cats are very delicate pets: even Though they’ve proved to be strong and resilient companions of humans for many years now. Some innocent activities we perform every day still put the lives of these creatures at immense risk.

For example, spiritual activities like burning incense help us humans cleanse our environment, but this same action can bring our feline neighbors and friends down with chronic diseases like cancer.

That could look bad enough, there are several other side effects that incense may have on our cat and another cat in our environment. Some of them are highlighted below.

Eye Irritation

Dense smoke from burning incense could result in eye irritation for your cats. Consistent exposure could affect the cat’s sight.

Respiratory Disorder

Cats could experience respiratory and breathing disorders with excessive intake of carbon content, smoke, or soot from the burning incense. Symptoms of this condition could include coughing, sneezing,


One of the long-term side effects of consistent exposure to smoke from a burning incense could be asthma and even terminal diseases like cancer, which could reduce the life of your pets, cats especially.

Skin Irritation

Soot from burning incense and essential oil could cause skin irritation and discomfort for cats.

Can Dragon’s Blood Incense Kill Cats?

Dragon’s blood incense may not contain any toxic content that could result in immediate death. However, incessant exposure to the burning substance could lead to health complications that put the life of cats at risk.

Conditions like lung cancer, asthma, skin diseases, etc., are potential health risks that may occur if your cats are exposed to excessive carbon intake. Ultimately, it could result in permanent damage to the respiratory system and organs.

Another severe scenario that could result in immediate death is if cats are mistakenly locked in the same room with burning Dragon’s blood incense. The smoke from incense could result in the release of carbon monoxide, which is a very toxic gas that comes from burning carbon. Excessive smoke in the room could also suffocate your cat.

What Happens When Cats Ingest Dragon’s Blood Incense?

Eating dragon’s blood incense is not healthy for cats or other pets. The content of Dragon’s blood incense includes items that could be very poisonous to your pets. It’s best to prevent your cats from gaining access to incense and other items that contain hazardous chemicals.

When cats feast on dragon’s blood incense, it could result in several complications. Vomiting, diarrhea, stomach disorder, stooling, digestive problems, etc., are some symptoms found in cats that eat Dragon’s blood incense.

How To Keep Cats Safe When Using Dragon’s Blood Incense

Keeping incense out of the reach of cats is one of the most effective ways of keeping them safe. However, it becomes more complex when you’re when it involves smoke from burning incense. It may appear difficult to keep your cats away from the smoke, but it’s not impossible though.

The simple tips provided below should help keep your cats safe to some extent.

  • Keep Cats Out Of The Room

It’s best to burn incense in rooms that your cats can’t access and if you must burn incense in the whole house, keep your cats out of the house while you do so. Also, let neighbors who share the vicinity with you know about your decision. It’ll help them move their cats to safety too.

  • Ensure Cross Ventilation

It’s best to aerate the house before bringing your cats back into the house. It would help remove all remaining carbon gases in the air.

  • Keep Unused Dragon’s Blood Incense Out Of The Cat’s Reach

Cats are very inquisitive and playful creatures. They could chew on unused dragon’s blood incense, which will result in health complications. Always keep unused incense out of their reach. It’ll help prevent them from ingesting the items.

  • Talk To Your Vet

If you feel your cats have suffered excessive exposure to smoked dragon’s blood incense, it’s best to call the attention of your vet. Also, you need to tell your vet about your cat ingesting dragon’s blood incense. The earlier you report the situation, the faster your cat would receive the much-needed help.


Have you ever observed your cats reacting irrationally to the smoke coming from burning incense? Perhaps you wonder if you’re doing something wrong, or if it’s just your cat being fetishized. Well, there are several things you need to know about incense and how it may affect our cats.

Items like Dragon’s blood resin share the same chemical properties as petroleum. When you bring them into your home, you need to understand they pose an equal level of risk to your cat or other pets as gasoline. You should handle them with care and put the safety of your pets first.



I am Joshua kaynard, an avid cat lover. Our pets provide an excellent way of connecting with nature; I am committed to helping you understand all the aspects of your feline friend's life. Enjoy!

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