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5-week-old kitten care: Comprehensive Guide to Caring

5-week-old kitten care: In nurturing a 5 week old, you don’t need to know anything about taking care of a cat beforehand, you can quickly learn everything you need to know on the go.

It is normal to make a lot of mistakes as a new cat’s parent in your first few days. it is synonymous for most new cat parents to make various mistakes, from feeding to bathing.

There’s a lot to learn about your 5 week old kitty that will make you love her more as your bonding process begins to set in. This may be a hard experience for a first-timer, all you require is patience.

This fun article has been made easy to read; so you can get all the valuable information you need concerning the maintenance, general care, and feeding of your kitten.

What To Feed A Five Week Old Kitten?

Your 5-week-old cat needs good food. Food of quality costs a few cents more. Your kitten will grow well on good food, and you’ll know you chose well.

Your cat wouldn’t need frequent breastfeeding at 5 weeks. Mother wild cats deter kittens from drinking milk. So should you.

Weaning should continue bottle feeding at greater intervals while your cat becomes used to solid food.

Weaned kittens need five healthy meals daily. Fast supper.

Reduce your kitten’s feeding frequency so they’re used to fewer meals per day by maturity.

5-week-old kitten care

At five weeks old, your kitten should already be getting the orientation of solid foods. Introduce solid meals gradually while maintaining 5 to 7 bottle feedings per day to ensure she gets her 128 cc of formula a day.

           Age(weeks) Body weight (ounce) To


tal Formula/Day (cc)

Number of Feedings A Day
1 4 33 9-12
2 7 56 7-9
3 10 80 7-9
4 13 104 5-7
5 16 128 5-7


An active  5 week old kitten, should use a formula that is a close replica of her mum’s milk. The formula should have 45% of protein, 25% of Carbohydrates, 25% of fat, and  5% of ash content.

The ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorus is 1.2:1, to determine if it is a concentrated meal, the density should be about 5.

You shave to stop bottle feeding your kitten before your kitten decides to stop on her own accord. Ensure you never overfeed the kitten as this can lead to bloating, you have to stick to a schedule when feeding her. You should give just the right quantity of food that will enlarge her abdomen slightly without bloating it.

To wean your kitten off her bottle, you should give her the formula in a bowl, this will aid the kitten to become more accustomed to her future way of feeding.

Solid Food: Wet or Dry

If you are feeding her right a 5 weeks old kitten should weigh around 16 ounces. Including solid food in her diet will give her an upper hand in maintaining and achieving a healthy weight.

Adding oats and cereal (which are high dry protein cereals) to the formula will help specifically in the kitten’s growth.

For fast growth, you should target foods that comprise higher quantities of proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins.

Is Wet or Dry Food Better For Your 5 week Old kitten?

The weaning process will see your cat having a low desire for eating. Irrespective of this, she still needs energy anyways. Having this in mind, the debate about the most suitable food is dependent on a lot of factors.

For a kitten in the weaning process, the best food you can provide her is wet food. The wet food consists of soft mousses that will aid a seamless transition from formula-based feeding to solid food.

The best-wet food brands usually include antioxidant complex to equip the growing kitten’s immune system.

See to it that, any wet food you purchase has a macronutrient profile. The balance between carbs, proteins, and fats is what you get from a macronutrient profile.

In general, dry foods are good for your 5 week old kitten. The downside is the high carbohydrate contents, which are usually hard for kittens to digest.

Besides the high carb content, dry food contains a higher amount of plant protein than animal proteins. Fluids are necessary for kittens, dry foods have low fluid(water) content. Dry foods are also known to have limited nutritional value. For someone who has owned pets for years, I make my cat and dogs food and treats myself, to ensure they get what they need.

How Much Wet Food Should A 5 Week Old Kitten Eat?

Like I have just analyzed with formula feeding. It is a bad move to overfeed your 5 week old kitten. The following table will provide you with the best suggestions.


Age (weeks) Weight (pounds) Suggested Daily Intake (grams)
4 0.8 to 1.7 25 to 40
4 to 8 1.8 to 3.0 40 to 50
8 to 12 3.1 to 4.0 50 to 55
12 to 16 4.1 to 5.0 55 to 60
16 to 20 5.1 to 6.0 60 to 70


5 Week Old Kitten Potty/Litter Box Training

One of the important things to note is potty training for your 5 week old kitten. As young as 3 weeks old, you should have already started to train your kitten on how to use a litter box.

If it’s your first time being in charge of a 5 week old kitten, there are a few things you have to make yourself familiar with, about the litter box.

The basics

  • kittens love a litter box that is neat
  • For your kitten, The litter box size matters. The measurement you could use is getting a litter box 3 times the size of your kitten from tail to nose.
  • In choosing a location for the litter box, you have to choose the least busy place in the house. This will make the cat not feel too exposed.
  • Cats hate to share a litter box, if you have more than one kitten, ensure you get different litter boxes for each.
  • To make it easier for your 5 week old kitten to get in and out of its litter box, ensure the litter box has low sides.
  • Since most 5 week old kittens will ingest a clumping litter which can cause intestinal blockage, we advise you use the non-clumping litter.

Steps to Follow When Training a 5 week old Kitten To Use the litter box

  • When litter box training becomes a problem, use treats, and reward your kitten when she eliminates in the right spot.
  • A regular feeding schedule equals a regular potty outline. Structure out times when you need to feed your kitten.
  • Your kitten will usually sleep a lot, ensure to wake your kitten every two hours and take her to her litter box, encourage her to take the honor and get into the litter box herself.
  • It is bad for your to punish your kitten for her accidents. Instead of punishing her, get white vinegar and wipe off the smell and any trace of the poop.
  • Give your kitten a great impression that her litter box is a neat place, by making the litter box neat always; scoop away all mess from the box. This will make her get comfortable with using the box.

How to Give Your 5 Week old kitten a Flea Treatment Bath

For a kitten that has been indoors from birth, she may not need quick successive baths. However, a rescued 5 week kitty will require lots of baths.

A rescued kitten will need lots of grooming, brushing, and bathing to free her from all fleas and dirts. This is a valuable not for a five week old kitten care.

Brushing/ Grooming

A brush and combs are handy when considering the care of pets. You can get combs that have coarse, medium, or fine teeth, depending on the one needed for your kitty’s fur.

For longhaired kittens, the ideal combs to use are coarse or medium combs, while shorthaired kittens should use medium to fine teeth combs.

Shorthaired kittens will do just fine if you brush their hair with brush gloves in their frequent grooming sessions. These gloves are great for removing mats and loose hairs, as it has inert rubber nubs in the palm.

Not only will the glove help stimulate a shiny and healthy coat, but your kitten will also love it since it’ll give her a feeling that you are petting her.


For your five week old kitten, there are two types of bath you can give her: full and spot.

  • spot bath

This is when you use a neat linen cloth soaked in water to clean dirty spots on your kitten’s body. While you carry out this task, be sure not to touch the kitten’s mouth, eyes, ears, and nose.

  • Full bath

For a Flea treating bath, we recommend you don’t use chemical treatments, since the kitten’s body is still small and susceptible to possible chemical accidents.

Instead, you will require a different method of removing the fleas without using chemicals that can cause damage. What do you need r this alternative method? A clean towel, warm water, a washcloth, and the Best kitten flea control shampoo.

Here are a few steps you can follow

  • Step 1: Create a ring of soap/shampoo around her neck to prevent the fleas from going towards the head
  • Step 2: Hold her gently and securely while you wet (warm water) and shampoo her body from the neck and towards the tail.
  • Step 3: Use your palm or a washcloth to get rid of the fleas and dirt from the fur.
  • Step 4: Then go ahead and rinse her. Make sure the water is comfortably warm.
  • Step 5: Dry her coat immediately with a clean towel to keep her warm. It is normally difficult for your kitten to regulate her body temperature.
  • Step 6: Use cotton rounds to spot bath her head while avoiding sensitive parts, such as the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Play safely with your kitten

5 week old kittens care can be fun when you’re watching them being kittens. They are usually very vibrant, trying to investigate new things, which is the fun part of having them around.

Teasing her with your feet and hand will only teach her that your hand and feet are toys she should play with. You should avoid teasing her with your hands or legs.

There are 3 modes of laying that you can teach your 5-week-old kitten. social, predatory, and locomotive.

  • Social

This mode of play, as the name implies, is a way of getting your kitten to socialize with other pets ad people in the house. You can also provide toys she could play with, the general idea of this method is to socialize your cat to be able to lay with other people other than you. If you have other pets in the house, this is an important play as it’ll help your cat get along with dogs.

  • Predatory

The predatory play is basically the cat chasing, grabbing bouncing, and throwing things up in the air for your cat to leap and try catching.

  • Locomotive

This is almost like the predatory, since the motion associated with this mode are climbing, running, leaving, and finding places they can run into and out of very quickly, like a bag or a box.

5 Week Old Kitten won’t Poop

Some health issues that may arise for your 5 week old kitten can be handled at home. More severe symptoms you find alarming should be directed to your vet.

A kitten in the weaning process will require you to stimulate her after each meal, while a rescued 5 week old kitty may need you to aid them in defecating.

For you to stimulate her, get some warm water, cotton squares, and paper towels. Don’t forget to come along with a container where they could eliminate the waste.

After she has eaten, you will want to hold your kitten in any palm you find comfortable, ensure her tummy is in your laying on your palm. Using the other arm, soak the cotton square in warm water and then stimulate her urethra and anus area in a circular motion.

To Effectively catch her urine which usually comes first, you may want to lace her on a litter box, while you continue stimulating her to pass the feaces.

Be as patient as possible for her to defecate. Usually, a 5 week old kitten will defecate every 24 – 36 hours. The stool should be consistent, and brownish-yellow.

She will strain after elimination if she is having diarrhea. To ensure she isn’t going to be having retinal prolapse as a result of excess straining, see your doctor.

Ensure to take her to the vet if she has any of the following

  • Green diarrhea or loose stool
  • constipation
  • warms
  • fever

5-week-old kitten care

Final Thoughts

We have provided you with 5 week old kitten care, but don’t limit your knowledge to our guide. You should speak with your vet and other cat owners as this will broaden your knowledge further.

Vaccination is required from the age of 6 weeks. It is best you understand that your Efforts may take longer than expected to become evident in your cat. They may still mess outside the libber box up. Instead of punishing her, patiently show her what’s right and reinforce her when she does the right thing, with a treat.


I am Joshua kaynard, an avid cat lover. Our pets provide an excellent way of connecting with nature; I am committed to helping you understand all the aspects of your feline friend's life. Enjoy!

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