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Exploring Canine-Feline Dynamics: Cat-Dog Mating Realities

Cat-Dog Mating: Averagely dogs are known to have litters of 4-5 puppies when they mate with other dogs. This number can vary depending on a whole lot of factors like; dog breeds, size, etc. This typically goes from one to 12.
likewise, a cat could have an average litter of 4 kittens. like their dog counterparts, cats equally have just one per birth or as many as 12 if they mate with other cats. A feral cat tends to be ready for breeding all year round.
But can a cat and a dog mate”.? No! a cat and a dog cannot mate and have babies.  the first hurdle they will face is trying to figure out how to mate.  the second hurdle they will face is that they are different species and they don’t have similar DNA.
Why is my dog humping my cat? When a small do mount a cat, it denotes; social conflict. This could also be a result of excitement and your dog trying to engage the cat in a play.
If you catch sight of your dogs trying to hump your cat, they are not trying to mate. Your dog could be struggling with stress, anxiety, or maybe trying to play with the cat. Though this could also be a result of your dog being in heat.
Dogs with unusual humping habits( trying to hump toys, cats, and anything) can be spayed or neutered. Neutering bin dog usually makes them calm and corrects the abnormal humping act.
Cat-Dog Mating

Can A Cat And Dog Mate?: reasons why a cat and dog can’t mate.

As interesting as a dog and cat hybrid may sound, both of them can’t mate. Hence, a cat and dog mix is not possible through mating. Although, it may be possible through scientific lab means. So, why can’t dogs and cat have babies?

How the biological class will prevent a cat and dog from mating and having offsprings

In times past interspecies mating has happened a good number of times, like in the case of the liger, the product of a combination of a male lion and a tigress the oldest of this combination is said to have been as far back as 1897. The most prominent one is the product of the donkey and a horse, the mule.
The above examples are that of the same species. The dog belongs to the Canidae family, a biological family of dog-like carnivores which includes: Raccoon, wolves, coyotes, and Canis.
On the other hand, the cat belongs to the Felidae family which of course includes the lion, tigers, leopards, etc. This is obligatory for carnivores: they require meat in their diets.

Dissimilarity in DNA

Cat and dog mix cannot be possible because of the dissimilarity in their DNA. The Canidae subspecies can mate and reproduce because they possess DNA that has lots of similarities.
Dogs have 78 chromosomes and cats have 38. A very distinct thing to note is that species that were able to produce a hybrid mix all have the same(or close) numbers of chromosomes. If a cat and dog mating successfully pans out, it can not produce a healthy offspring.

Difference in mating cycles

The cat and the dog have a different mechanisms for letting their mates know they are in heat. They also have different cycles of heat. Invariably, the dog’s sperm will fail in fertilizing the cat’s eggs directly.
Dogs get into their heat cycles twice a year on average. Small(toy) breeds may get into their cycles more than twice, about three to 4(rare occasions) times in twelve months. Giant dogs may only get to experience their cycles in a year.
Asides from the difference in heat cycle periods, there are discrepancies in mating habits, preferences, and non-verbal modes of the two pets to indicate they are in need. A care may reply to a dog humping by reciprocating and playing with the dog or a paw to the face

Is a cat-dog hybrid possible?

Yes, scientifically. A fifteen-year hard work and research produced a scientific breakthrough that made a cat-dog hybrid possible. This experiment was carried out by Cornell University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in conjunction with UC Davis and Massey University (New Zealand).
This hybrid was given a polish name; Kotpies, which means cat dog.

How was a cat-dog hybrid made possible?

In both cats and dogs, the researchers discovered a multiplex single-base primer extension reaction in the cytb gene. The cytochrome b genome is used in the identification of species.
The discovered extension revealed a point where the dog’s DNA could be reintegrated with that of the cat through the transfer of chromatin. As soon as they were able to alter the DNA, embryos are produced(this is more expensive than isolating sperm) and the receptor cat’s uterus gets implanted.

If a cat and a dog have a baby what would it look like?

If a dog and a cat have a baby it’ll look like an all-cat body and the eyes and snout of a dog. The kotpies that were certified as a cat-dog hybrid by  UC Davis’ Lester A. Lyon, Ph.D., have the above description.
The kotpies were the combination of a pug and a Siamese cat breed. Though the same scientists that achieved this feat are hoping to be able to get to a level of specificity where they can be able to alter the genes of the kotpies.
Altering the genes will enable them to configure the appearance, temperament, and color of the cat-dog hybrid produced.
In the case of the kotpies, the kotpies is lacking the pug’s curly hair.

Can I find a cat-dog hybrid for sale?

Getting a cat dog hybrid for sale will come at a steep price. The cost of getting a kotpies may start from $100,000 as this is a costly procedure.
Even if you have the money, you’ll have to reach out to the scientist and get a quote, plus you’ll have to know if they could even live longer. You won’t want to get a pet with a one-year or month or week lifespan.

what happens when a dog and cat mate?

Although not possible, but if a male cat is to mate with a dog, he may cause her injuries, as male cats have barbed penises. This barbed penis were meant to stimulate ovulation in the female cat and also prevent them from escaping during intercourse.

What animals can cats cross-breed with?

We have extensively explained why cats can’t crossbreed with animals from other families and the complexities. But are there animals that a cat can cross-breed with? If yes, what are the instances?
Cats can only be easily bred with other animals from the same genus, family, and sub-family. Most breeders have engaged in this act in other to get a specific marking, coat color, or temperament. Let’s take a look at some of these blends.

The Savannah cat

Breeders try to incorporate the traits and exotic coat markings of the wild serval cat. The serial cat is taller than the average domestic cat. A cross breed between the domestic cat and the wild serial cat is referred to as the savannah cat.
The athletic and hunting instinct of the serval cat is present in the Savannah cat, but you will still find this cat-loving, intelligent, and easy to groom if you wish to get one.


This cat breed has the appearance of a tiger. Is this a product of crossing a domestic cat and a tiger? No! This is the cross breed of Bengal cats and tabbies.
Since some states in the US have laws in place to prevent ownership of a wild animal, you may have to check if your state is among, them if you’re deciding to get one.
Although with the appearance of a tiger, it is a playful easy-going cat. You won’t find this cat as energetic as most cat breeds. They have a propensity to get bored easily, you’ll have to get ready for some mental simulating exercises.

Bengal cat

Possessing the agility and strength of a wild cat, the Bengal cat is a result of the wild Asian leopard and the domestic cat. They are characterized by marbling spots.
Weighing about 4 to 7 kg, the Bengal cat is a handful for new cat parents. As they are very active and athletic.
Cat-Dog Mating

Final thoughts

We have come to conclusion of the of if a cat and dog can mate.  Understood tehey are two different species entirely and their reproductive systems are not compatible.
Even if they could physically mate, the resulting offspring would be injuries. So while it might be fun to watch your cat and dog try to get close, don’t expect them to produce any little kittens or puppies.


I am Joshua kaynard, an avid cat lover. Our pets provide an excellent way of connecting with nature; I am committed to helping you understand all the aspects of your feline friend's life. Enjoy!

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