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Can Vaping Kill Cats? Risks and Safety Measures

As a responsible person, you may worry about the risks you expose your family to, especially through your habits and lifestyle. Cat owners have many lifestyle choices they believe could harm their beloved cats. Alcoholism, smoking, and vaping can harm living things.

Cat owners who care about their pets’ health pay close attention to any habits that could harm their beloved cats because they consider their cats a member of their family and love them passionately, like they love their children and want nothing to harm them. Naturally, many cat owners who vape worry that it could kill their pets.

Cat owners who vape around their pets worry about the risks. To answer the question “can vaping kill cats?”, which many cat owners who vape around their cats want to know, you must understand what vaping is.

What is Vaping?

Vaping involves inhaling and exhaling a mist, fog, or vapor, usually flavor and nicotine, through a handheld device. The handheld equipment used for vaping is usually an e-cigarette or vape pen. A small handheld device, usually a vaping pen or electronic cigarette, must contain e-liquid to vape.

Electronic liquid, or e-liquid, is developed for use with e-cigarettes. E-liquid, sometimes called vape juice, usually contains propylene and nicotine. This is one of the main reasons cat owners who vape around cats worry about their safety.

Can Vaping Kill Cats

Can Vaping Kill Cats?

Toxic compounds in vapor can injure cats, making vaping around them unhealthy. Vaping may kill cats depending on their exposure, frequency, and other illnesses and conditions.

Know the risks and health effects of vaping around cats if you’re wondering if it can kill them. Vaping vapor contains dangerous elements including propylene glycol and nicotine, which is why cat owners want to know if it can kill cats.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a common food additive that the FDA has deemed safe. While propylene glycol is safe for humans, it is toxic to cats. Since propylene glycol is one of the main components released when vaping around cats, cat owners who do so are skeptical and curious if it can harm their cats or kill them.

Vaping near cats exposes them to propylene glycol, which can damage their red blood cells. Vaping near cats may kill them because damaged red blood cells cause Heinz body anemia, a serious blood illness.

The propylene glycol in vape pens, electric cigarettes, and other devices makes vaping near cats dangerous. Cat owners who vape around their cats should watch for Heinz body anemia. Body weakness, high temperature, pale lips, loss of appetite, and skin tone change are common symptoms of Heinz body anemia in cats. Propylene glycol and its negative effects on cats’ red blood cells, help to answer the question, can vaping kill cats?


If you’re wondering “can vaping kill cats”, remember that nicotine is harmful to cats. Nicotine in e-cigerettes and e-liquid is hazardous to cats. Vaping near cats is dangerous because the e-liquid used to refill electronic cigarette cartridges is usually high in nicotine.

Cat owners who vape around cats should watch for nicotine poisoning signs. Nicotine poisoning in cats causes diarrhea, increased heart rate, breathing rate, vomiting, bodily weakness, agitation, convulsions, and depression.

The Risks Associated With Cat Ingesting Vaping Products

Vaping near cats can be dangerous. Cat owners who want to know “can vaping kill cats” should also consider the risks of their cats eating electronic cigarettes, liquids, and other vaping devices. Cats are interested and may chew vaping items if owners are negligent.

If cats violently bite and chew vaping devices including e-cigarettes, liquid, vape pens, and others, they will get oral injuries. The chemicals in hardware vaping items, especially electronic liquids, can poison cats and cause mouth injuries.

Can Vaping Kill Cats

How To Protect Your Cat From Vaping

Vaping cat owners must safeguard their cats from vaping to avoid harm. Vaping around cats can create long-term health issues, therefore cat owners who can’t quit should protect their kitties. Cat owners can safeguard their kitties from vaping chemicals by keeping them in a different area.

To prevent their cats from ingesting vaping goods, cat owners who vape around cats should keep their electronic cigarettes, liquids, pens, and other accessories away from them.

Is vaping Bad For cats? – verdict

Yes, vaping is bad for cats and can kill cats in the long run due to the exposure of cats to nicotine, propylene glycol, and other harmful chemical substances from vaping. Cats who suffer from fatal and serious underlying illnesses are liable to die quicker from the side effects of being exposed to vaping.

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