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Guidelines for Leaving Your 8-Week-Old Kitten

If you have an 8 weeks old kitten that you are scared of leaving alone at night, it means it’s not with his mother. At 8 weeks, a kitten should have weaned from its mother’s milk, and be able to eat dry kibbles and fruits like guava, but is it safe to leave them all alone at night? can I leave my 8-week-old kitten alone at night?

A kitten without any companion such as its siblings, mother, or playmate from another litter will likely develop behavioral problems If left alone for too long. Kittens can be trained to sleep alone at night, but this should only be done if there is no other option.

I have personally made my kitten sleep in a separate room for a while and he yelled and yelled, which defeated the purpose of getting a quality night’s rest after a back-breaking day at work. If you have demanding jobs or if you work night shifts, you will keep leaving your kitten to sleep alone, and sometimes we just can’t help it. Hence, we have put together a guide on how to leave a kitten of 8 weeks alone at night and the possible risks involved.

Leave 8-week-old kitten alone at night

Can I Leave My 8-week-old Kitten Alone At Night?

Yes, you can leave your 8 week old kitten alone at night. However, you have to prepare your cat, yourself, and a room. You want to help negate your feline friend’s nightmares by trying as much as possible to make it not feel your absence so much. There will be lots of crying from the kitten that evening subsequent times you leave it alone at night. but it will eventually fade away.

Leaving your 8 week old kitten at night is going to stress both you(as you may not be able to spend 15 minutes without worrying about your cat) and your kitten(as it will keep wondering why you left it alone at night, which can lead to abnormal behaviors).

If you want to avoid situations like these you may want to add another kitten to your home, providing companion pets will have a great impact, as your kitten won t feel lonely while you’re away, and you will be able to concentrate on your work. Not only does it save you mental stress, but you will also be socializing your kitten in the process.

Things To Put In Place Before Leaving An 8-week-old Kitten Alone At Night

For a kitten, being left alone at night can be traumatizing especially if they have spent the previous nights with you. If you don’t get this right, you may end up creating separation anxiety and stress and your cat may start acting scared each time they see you pick up a key or try to leave. To ensure your bond with your kitten is intact do the following:

Make Basic Provisions

You have to provide basic things which your cat will be needing. You have to confine the cat to a room while you’re away, this will ensure they don’t have themselves or destroy things in the house. But before you leave them in a room alone at night you have to provide the following

Litter Box: This is a very important item. Cats have an excellent bathroom habit, which means they love to keep their poop and pee away from where they eat and sleep. Providing a litter box will prevent accidents, you can keep these boxes in the corner of the room.

Auto feeder: if you have access to an auto feeder, perfect!  This will help to dispense fold or treats while you’re away. Most feeders have been designed in a way that they keep things clean, thereby preventing roaches and other bugs from parasites.from accessing your cat’s foods, causing parasite diseases. In absence of an auto feeder, you can leave some treats(pumpkin preferably)

Leave Some Fresh Water: water is just as essential as the litter box and feeder. the cat will need to lap some water if they’re tired of jumping around and yelling.

Leave A Dim Light On

When the light is too bright, your kitten’s quality of sleep will be reduced. Your kitten only needs a dim light to get around without getting injured or crashing into something. Just like their sense of hearing cats also have great vision, but they still need an extent of light to see at night. Get a lamp the brightness can be controlled or open the curtain.

Get A Kitten Bed

A cat pod or cave for your kitty is a great addition if you can afford it. The pods will use some blankets and cushions where your kitten can sleep away its sadness. A shirt that you have worn that has your scents will also make the bed more calming.

In absence of cat pods, a cardboard box or a laundry basket will do just fine. Just throw in some blankets and you’ve done the trick.

Provide Entertainment For The Kitten

Imagine spending a lonely night in which you may be awake for most of it without a phone, book, or any source of entertainment. Your kitten will need entertainment; you can get its scratch post, climbing tree with an exercise wheel, and stuffed toys. The provision of entertainment will give your kitten an outlet to expel aggression and eventually calm down.

Prepare Your Kitten

You want to make sure there are no lapses. Block every hole which the cat may use to escape. Ensure there are no breakable items in the room. If you have the time, play with your kitten and show it I’ve during the day. You can even tire out the kitten, so they may even get sleeping before you leave the house.

Is It Okay To Leave An 8 Week Old Kitten Alone In A Room At Night?

Not really, at the kitten stage is where you create a lovely per or a monster. Your kitten may develop an anxiety disorder or even stop trusting you. To deal with this you have to make out time during the day and play with your cat.

If you’re unsure about the next thing to do, you may consider taking the cat to a relations’ place. However, your kitten will eventually adjust and develop into a cat.

How Long Should You Leave The Kitten Alone At Night?

Answers depend on several things. Cat age comes first. A few-week-old kitten should never be left alone for more than a few hours. A few-month-old kitten should not be left alone for longer than 8 hours.

Cat behavior follows. Independent cats can stay alone longer. Don’t leave kittens.

Third, kitten loneliness. Dark hiding places let kittens stay alone longer. Bright spaces without hiding places might make kittens anxious and cry.

Most kittens should not be left alone for more than 8 hours. Keep the room well-lit and full of hiding places if you must leave.

Leave 8-week-old kitten alone at night

What Happens If You Leave A Kitten For Alone Too Long

If you leave a kitten alone for too long, a number of things can happen. The kitten may become frightened and hide. If the kitten is very young, it may cry for its mother. Older kittens may become restless and try to explore their surroundings. If the kitten is not used to being alone, it may become anxious and stressed.

If you must leave your kitten alone for a period of time, make sure it has a safe place to stay, such as a kitten-proofed room or a cage. Provide the kitten with food, water, and a litter box. Leave some toys for the kitten to play with, and consider placing a ticking clock near its sleeping area to provide a sense of security.


I am Joshua kaynard, an avid cat lover. Our pets provide an excellent way of connecting with nature; I am committed to helping you understand all the aspects of your feline friend's life. Enjoy!

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