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Why Does My Cat Drag Blankets? Understanding Behavior

Cats are no doubt one of the most interesting creatures on Earth. A good number of cat owners who pay close attention to the activities of their pet cats at home will agree with me that cats sometimes exhibit some strange characteristics, which leaves cat owners puzzled and curious to find out the driving force that influences their cats to perform these weird actions sometimes. One of these weird behavior displayed by cats, is the dragging of blankets around and this has left many curious cat owners pondering the question “why does my cat drag blankets around?”.

So many cat owners who have experienced their cats dragging blankets around, find the whole scenario to be very annoying and sometimes frustrating. Due to how difficult and upsetting it is to manage the situation, many cat owners run helter-skelter to seek answers to why their cats drag blankets around. We are going to look into some of the answers to the question many concerned, worried and curious cat owners ask, which is, why does my cat drag blankets around?

Why Does My Cat Drag Blankets

Cats Drag Blanket Around To Mark Territory 

As a cat owner, if you notice your cat dragging blankets around and you are asking yourself the question, why does my cat drag blankets around?, it will interest you to know that dragging blankets around can sometimes be your cat’s way of marking its territory. Different pets have various ways of marking their territories in their domain but the act of dragging blankets around is one of the peculiar ways cats can use to mark their territory.

If territory marking is the reason why your cat drags blankets around, then there is no cause for alarm, as it is not a health or mental issue and it is completely natural for cats to drag blankets around to mark their territory.

Your Cat Wants A Change Of Location

Why does my cat drag blankets around? Your cat wants a change of location. Cats have the instinct to hide from predators. For whatever reason, if your cat does not feel safe and secure at the current location where it resides in the home, your cat can exhibit the behavior of dragging blankets around as a way of telling you it needs to change location to a safer zone in the home where it feels more protected.

However, your cat dragging blankets around to communicate to you that it wants a change of location is sometimes not because of its instinct to hide from predators. Your cat can start dragging blankets around as a result of discomfort in your home. A too-hot, very cold, or warm room temperature can incite your cat to desire a new location in the house. As a cat owner, it is important to pay close attention to details of how your cat or cats feel more relaxed in some spots in your house than others.

Health Issues 

Your cat may be dragging blankets due to health difficulties, which is scary. Your cat may drag blankets with its jaws and teeth due to tooth pain. Biting and dragging blankets may temporarily relieve your cat’s dental pain and answer the issue “why does my cat drag blankets around?” Cat owners must maintain their pets’ hygiene and dental health.

Your cat may pull blankets for reasons other than dental pain. A cat with pica may drag blankets around because it craves non-food items like blankets.

Cat owners should see vets often to cure and prevent health issues in their lovely cats. Health difficulties are serious if they’re the reason your cat drags blankets.

Fun And Play Reasons 

It might interest you to know that the reason why your cat drags a blanket around is solely Fun related. Many cat owners can testify to the fact that cats sometimes display silly attitudes and do some weird things as a form of personal entertainment. Your cat might simply enjoy the thrills that it derives from dragging blankets around. Dragging blankets around could be one of the best and most enjoyable forms of play discovered by your cats, and this could be the answer to your question, why does my cat drag blankets around. This should not be a surprise, as cats are known to be playful especially when they are healthy and happy.

Felines enjoy having a good time doing fun-filled activities. Cats sometimes derive joy in engaging in activities that some cat owners might consider disturbing, and dragging blankets around is likely one of the disturbing activities your cat enjoys doing. The question, Why does my cat drag blankets around, will no longer be an issue of concern once you find out that the only reason your cat drags blankets around is just for play.

To Show Dominance

Cats being one of the most intriguing creatures on earth exhibit some uncommon behavior at times which is sometimes a reflection of how they communicate and express their selves. If you are one of those cat owners worrying and asking the question ” why does my cat drag blankets around?”, and all things being equal you didn’t find any critical problem with why your cat engaging in dragging blankets around, put your mind at rest because your cat might just be dragging blankets around as a way of expressing Dominance.

It is not surprising for our beautiful feline friends to have uncommon and somewhat abnormal ways of expressing their feelings. Our feline pets sometimes do these weird things to get attention and sometimes as a form of expression. Cats tend to have a trait of showing dominance and sometimes it is through showcasing some silly and difficult-to-comprehend behavior. So before stressing yourself and asking people, “why does my cat drag blankets around?, take time to carefully observe your cat, it might simply be a situation of your cat expressing Dominance.

Why Does My Cat Drag Blankets

Attention Seeking

Funny enough, your cat might just be an attention seeker. If your cat notices that particular things grab your attention, it may do them more. Seeing your cat pull blankets around often can grab your attention. Once your feline pals realize that doing something that usually attracts your attention works, they will do it regularly, even if it means dragging blankets about.

If your cats exhibit any unusual behavior, you should see a vet immediately to evaluate and treat any underlying health issues. After seeing a trained veterinarian, you will get a detailed and definite solution to the question, “why does my cat drag blankets around?” based on your cat’s individual case.


I am Joshua kaynard, an avid cat lover. Our pets provide an excellent way of connecting with nature; I am committed to helping you understand all the aspects of your feline friend's life. Enjoy!

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