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Why Does My Cat Prefer My Roommate

If you’re a cat owner, you know that cats can be very unpredictable when it comes to socialization. One moment, your cat might be purring and rubbing against your legs, and the next it may be running away from you. This can be especially confusing when it comes to your cat’s preference for your roommate over you. So why does your cat like your roommate more than you?

Don’t take it too personally; it’s not about you. Cats like stability and predictability in their lives, and your roommate probably offers that more than you do.

When you arrive home late or resist control, your cat may associate you with tension. You may spend time with your cat, but you’re always giving it directions, and you rarely offer it goodies or let it do its bidding. The cat would prefer your easygoing roommate.

You could potentially do everything perfectly but your cat still prefers your roommates due to a small technicality. This article will help you understand your cat’s preferences, why your roommate is better, and how to help.

Why does my cat like my roommate more than me

Why does my cat like my roommate more than me 

When it comes to cats, things could get complicated fast, but understanding is the key here. To rekindle the old bond with your cat, and establish a stranger bond, you have to understand what is making your cat gravitate towards your roommate despite all your love and care. Let’s take a look at the following reasons.

Random occurrence

Sometimes, your cat’s preference for your roommate may just be a random occurrence. Just the way children Bond with or prefer a certain parent over the other– is the same way cats may randomly take a likening for your roommate over you. In cases like these, don’t force it, just get involved with your roommate and the cat each time they are engaged in a play.

Control freaks

Cats always want to be in control of their connections with humans, whether you like it or not, since they do what they want.

Most cats will want you to feed them only chicken or fish every day, and while chicken thighs and neck can clean the cat’s teeth without a brush, some cat parents will make sure the cat eats a balanced diet because chicken may not provide enough nutrients.

If your roommate brings your cat chicken every day, your cat will like them since they can manage them. Control freaks!

Your cat wants affection on its terms 

As we have discussed in the point above, cats love to get everything on their terms. When it comes to affection– even the friendliest of felines will like to let you know they only need affection on their terms. if you’re the type of person that would like to forcefully hug or show affection, your feline friend will not forget this act of yours and would see you as a stressor.

If your roommate doesn’t force affection on the cat and lets it come for a hug when they want or for a play when they feel like it– your cat will likely find this person more endearing and we will never hide their desire to be with this person it means yelling for you to open the door for them to go and meet the roommate or giving you the famous cat side-eye.

Cats Preference

Your pet may prefer your roommate since cats prefer attention. If your roommate pets and plays with your cat, it will feel more secure and return the favor.

If you don’t give your cat enough attention, it may trust you less and favor your roommate. Observe what your cat likes and exploit this soft spot. If your cat likes pipe cleaners, construct a toy.

Your cat may prefer your roommate since they’re more playful than someone quieter. Your cat may also enjoy a hands-on roommate.

Cats are also highly sensitive creatures

Your feline friend’s sensitivity is why they can sense when they are being slighted.

Your cat may be jealous if you’re giving your roommate more attention than it, thus it may be favoring your roommate. Regular interaction with your cat can help it remember you even after a year due to consistent routines.

It’s difficult when your cat prefers your roommate over you, but cats are sensitive and their socializing depends on their environment.

Interact and show your cat affection to make it like you more. Try playing with your cat or giving it goodies if your roommate is giving it more attention. You can help your cat like you as much as its roommate with a little effort.

How to Get Your Cat to Bond With You 

The link between a cat and its owner is exceptional and lifelong. Learning how to communicate with your cat in their language is essential to a good relationship. Tips for bonding with your cat:

Spend Time Together: Cats enjoy attention, so show them you care by spending time with them. Play, groom, or cuddle with your cat daily.

Talk to Your Cat: Cats understand our voice but not our words. Talk gently and kindly to your cat, using their name.

Provide a Healthy Diet: Cats need a diet tailored to their species. A balanced, nutritious diet will keep them healthy, happy, and beautiful. Treat them with guava, tuna, pumpkin, or our lick mat suggestions when needed.

Establish a Routine: Cats like routine, so feeding and brushing them regularly might help them relax. Maintain this schedule so your cat knows what to expect.

Create a Comfortable Environment: Give your cat a comfy bed and a safe litter box.

Cats Need Space: Sometimes cats need solitude. Give your pet a cat tree or bed to relax.

Following these ideas can help you bond with your cat. With patience and empathy, you may enjoy cat ownership!

Why does my cat like my roommate more than me

Final Thoughts

Cats can be unpredictable when it comes to socialization and this can lead to them seemingly favoring your roommate over you. This doesn’t necessarily mean your cat doesn’t like you, but rather that it is looking for stability and predictability, which your roommate may provide more of.

Also, cats may associate you with stressful events, or you may be too controlling with your pet, which your roommate may not be as much. Ultimately, cats seek comfort and familiarity in their environment and it is possible that your roommate is providing your cat with this more than you. With a little bit of understanding and care, you can encourage your cat to rebuild it’s bond with you.


I am Joshua kaynard, an avid cat lover. Our pets provide an excellent way of connecting with nature; I am committed to helping you understand all the aspects of your feline friend's life. Enjoy!

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