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Can Male Cats Mate with Other Male Cats

Odd, right? Would this be the 100th time your younger male cat tries to hump on its older brother? Can male cats mate with other male cats?

Due to hormones or dominance, your male cat is humping your other male cat. Male cats can’t penetrate each other. Don’t panic!

Cat humping is natural and caused by hormones. Intact male cats hump female cats for sex. They may also hump other male cats in the house, which most experts consider a sign of dominance.

Can Male Cats Mate With Other Male Cats

Male cats are known for their passionate and playful nature. But did you know that they can also engage in same-sex mating? Yes, it’s true – male cats can mate with other male cats without penetration of course.

This phenomenon, known as male-male mounting or humping, is not uncommon in the feline world. While it may seem strange to us humans, male cat humping is a natural behavior among cats.

It’s important to note that male cats humping do not necessarily mean that the cats are homosexual. Humping is a normal behavior for cats and does not necessarily reflect their sexual orientation.

Despite being a natural behavior, male cats humping can be a source of distress for pet owners. If your cat is humping other male cats, you may want to try to redirect their attention to a toy or other activity. You should also make sure that your cat is neutered, as this can help reduce the urge to hump.

Male Cats Mate with Other Male Cats

Why Is My Male Cat Trying To Mate My Other Male Cat?

It is not unusual for male cats to attempt to mate with other male cats. While it may seem strange, it is actually quite common and can be caused by a variety of factors.

Un-neutered Cats

Male cats may be trying to mate with other males because they are not neutered. un-neutered male cats are more likely to display sexual behavior than those that have been neutered. It is also possible that the male cats are attempting to mate with each other because they are in heat. Male cats in heat will often become quite aggressive and may attempt to mate with other males in their vicinity.


It’s believed that male cats humping is a way for them to assert dominance. So your male cat will often hump other males to show them who’s boss, or just out of curiosity, or even as a way to practice mating with female cats.

Anxiety and Stress

The male cats may be attempting to mate with each other because they are seeking comfort, especially when they are stressed or anxious. Male cats are social animals and may seek out companionship from other male cats to feel safe and secure

Underlying health issues 

When your male cat is trying to mate with other male cats, it could be that your cat is just bored, and has nothing else to do with all the energy he has in him. It could also be an underlying health issue, for example, UTIs.

This could be the case if your tomcat is always licking his penis. The smells that come from urinary tract infections or anal sac infections might cause sexual attraction despite how unpleasant they may seem to us.

If you notice any strange behavior during this time, do not hesitate to call your vet for pointers on how you can handle the situation.

Hormone-related issues

Well, even when your male cat has been neutered, there are times when it can experience certain levels of hormone imbalance, prompting it to hump on other male cats, or whatever is available and near him. Neutering does not necessarily turn off hormone signals in the cat’s body, it can only reduce them, and this can sometimes leave the cat in a confusing state.

Health Effects Of Male Cats Attempting Mating With Other Male Cats

Male cats Domestic cats typically try to mate with other male cats, but this behavior can harm your cat.

Male cats often mate to establish dominance, mark their territory, or out of instinct. This activity can cause bruises, infections, and even death.

Two male cats mating can inflict scratches, bites, and broken bones. FIV and FeLV can also spread through cats. Untreated, these illnesses can kill cats.

Male cats mating can cause psychological distress as well as physical damage and diseases. Stress, anxiety, and aggression can result from this behavior in cats. Behavior difficulties like spraying, yowling, and fighting can harm cats and humans.

Separate your male cat from another male cat immediately if you see them mating. If possible, take your cat to the vet for a checkup to treat any infections or diseases.

How to prevent male cats humping on other male cats 

Aside from being aware of the risks associated with male cats attempting to mate with other male cats, it is important to take steps to ensure the health and safety of both cats, by doing your possible best to prevent your male cat from engaging in such aggressive behaviors.


The behavior will gradually stop thanks to neutering. Give it time, though, if they’ve only recently been neutered. After neutering, the male’s testosterone levels must drop for a few weeks before there is minimal to no sex or dominance urge.

Introduce cat toys 

When you notice your male cat attempting to hump another male cat, it just shows how much energy your cat has in him. Introducing cat toys will keep him really occupied in his life and as a result, there will be a reduction in aggressive behaviors.

Bring out their toys, make sure each cat has his toys to avoid fighting, then put them in their separate spaces to play, playing a lot will totally exhaust your cat.

Create Territories during peak sexual periods 

Giving your cats greater room to expand their individual territories might also be helpful. Give each cat its cat tree and window perch because cats love to climb. Installing raised paths for your cats to explore can even be enjoyable.

For necessities, you may occasionally need to provide every cat with its room. Water and food bowls should ideally be placed in separate areas to prevent competition for resources.

You should also adhere to the “two plus one” litter box rule, which states that you need three boxes for every two cats. To ease tensions and ensure that all cats have their privacy, make sure that these are not visible to one another, this results in every cat knowing its place and boundaries.

Spend more time with the cat

If you’ve got more time on your hands, how about you take your male cats for a walk, together? Giving them the same amount of attention can make them see how less different or equal they are, they can begin to see eye to eye on things because they know you love them the same, and there would be no need to establish dominance through mating.

Offer distractions

You can always Clap your hands vigorously or drop a book to the ground, or do something spontaneous that would distract your cat if you spot your cat about to hump. You might also give a humping male a plush animal in the hopes that he will leave your male cat (or you) alone, even very smart cats always fall for this trick.

Reward good behavior

Find strategies to praise your male cat for acting well. When he is calm and getting along well with your other cats, you can reward him with treats, toys, or additional attention. Compared to traditional methods of punishment like yelling or squirting him with water, this is significantly more effective. Of course, you ought never to strike your cat.

This will encourage him to act right, I mean, who doesn’t like a good treat? Although this doesn’t take away his nature of attempting to hump other male cats, it will most certainly reduce the urge.

Male Cats Mate with Other Male Cats


I understand how embarrassing it can be when your cat chooses to start humping or mounting other male cats. This feeling may even get worse when you catch them trying to mount your guest.

But there’s hardly anything to be worried or embarrassed about if your guest is a fan of pets and doesn’t get angry at your cat, I think it’s okay because Cats will always try to hump on something from time to time, it is a natural behavior.

However, if it becomes too much, take him to the vet to cross out any form of underlying illnesses.


I am Joshua kaynard, an avid cat lover. Our pets provide an excellent way of connecting with nature; I am committed to helping you understand all the aspects of your feline friend's life. Enjoy!

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